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Multi Pairing Vid to "ET"

Music: ET by Katy Perry
Vidder: Himaryous (my youtube name)
Spoilers: Through Season 3 of Torchwood

Summary: S1-S3. The sexy, dangerous relationships between the Torchwood staff and the aliens and time travelers they encounter. And sometimes, the Torchwood peeps themselves are the "risky" lovers. Pairings, with the alien or risky lover listed first: Mary/Tosh, Dead Owen/Tosh, Owen/Bar Girl, Pink Gas Alien/Gwen, Suzie/Gwen, Diane/Owen, John/Jack, John/Gwen, Lisa/Ianto, Adam/Tosh, Pink Gas Alien/Jack, Mary/Soldier, Jack/Ianto, Jack/Gwen. Of course, who is dangerous to be around and who isn't is subjective opinion, in this case, mine.


Goofy AU Torchwood animations, Owen-centric

Title:  AU S4 Torchwood animation series, Owen Returns
Vidder:  My Youtube alterego, Himaryous
Spoilers:  S1 and S2 Torchwood.   The Owen and Esther installments have spoilers for  "Bleak House" (BBC miniseries); the one with Debate in the title gives away the ending of Bleak House.
Characters:  Owen-centric.  Nods to Tosh-Owen, Gwen-Owen.  Bleak House cross-over for good measure.

Summary:  I've posted a series of short crackfic animated vids about an alternate universe S4 Torchwood in which Owen returns. Tosh does too, in a way, and I'll probably bring back Ianto eventually too.  A couple of disclaimers:  I used one of Youtube's "GoAnimate" programs, which are fun but have certain limitations, so please forgive the hokey music and perfect Queen's English accents on everyone. :) 
Warning:   This is crackfic, so the vids make fun of everyone (but with love).    Below is the vid in the series that I think is the funniest.  If you want to watch the other vids, the titles are labeled a) b) c) etc. so you know the order in which to watch them.  Concrit welcome as long as the emphasis is on the "con" rather than just the "crit." ;)

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