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The Torchwood Files

Videos From The Institute

Torchwood Fanvids
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This is a vidding community for the Doctor Who spinoff Torchwood starring John Barrowman & Eve Myles.


1.) Absolutely no clip theft at all will be tolerated. If you don't want to get involved with the thief on your own, email me and I will deal with it.
2.) No graphics on vid posts. If you must use a graphic, please place it behind a cut <*lj-cut><*/lj-cut>
3.) YouTube embedding is allowed, but it must go below a cut as well <*lj-cut><*/lj-cut>
4.) Only videos may be posted to this community. That means no new community announcements or awards announcements are allowed here.
5.) Mark Spoilers! :)

Not a rule but...

It's useful when requesting feedback to specify what type you are looking for: constructive or general.

Posting format:

Vidder: (if not your lj name, or if you are pimping someone else)

Any videos that do not follow these posting guidelines will be deleted immediately.

For all of your Doctor Who Vidding needs we have dwfanvids

Affiliates: antiwatermark, torch_wood

Other than that, have fun.