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Fandom: Torchwood
Vidder: </a></b></a>fayzalmoonbeam
Title: Time and Lady Gwen
Summary: A Jack and Gwen shipper vid for the last episode of the first series, 'End of Days'. Spoilers, obviously, for that ep.
Music: Lady Marian by Clannad
Size: 31.3MB, WMV
Links: Pretty, downloadable version at my website and not quite so pretty but watchable version at youtube.

Would love to know what TW and Robin of Sherwood fans think :)
piano god

Jack/Gwen vid


This is a little vid I put together over the holidays focussing on my favourite TW pairing (although I'm certainly not averse to the other wonderful ships that occur in this show!). It's cheesy, it's soppy, it's totally Jack and Gwen :). Details below.

Song: Right Kind of Wrong by Leann Rimes
Pairing: Jack/Gwen
Spoilers: Episodes 1-8 of Torchwood
Size: 14.2MB, WMV format
Summary: More details can be found at my site, where you can freely download the vid, or on youtube.

Comments, crit, anything in general, are very welcome :)